Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hi everyone!  Here's my first blog for my Humanities class.  All this new technology stuff is fun!

I'm a student at Yavapai College Verde Campus and this is my very last class I need to complete my Associate's in Business degree.  Yippee!!  It's been a long trek.  I first began attending YC when I was a single mom with 3 young boys and working full-time.  Now I'm married to the most wonderful man and my youngest is grown and moved out.  I guess now I'm an empty-nester...and looking forward to what this new chapter in life holds.  This semester I'm also enrolled as a teletechnet student at Old Dominion University on the Verde Campus, thanks to their satellite classroom programs.  I am pursuing a Bachelor's in Accountancy.

How can you NOT love ME?
This is the newest love of my life (shhhh - don't tell my husband)  His name is Dodge and he's the funniest, most comical dog I've ever owed.  He's only a year old and is more of a handful than a 2 year-old kid! 

And this is our boxer, 2nd in command, and princess.

Besides being a wife and mother, and working full-time while also attending school, I like to camp and hike with my family.  We L-O-V-E boating on the lakes as well.  This October my father, brother and I are going to engage in some family bonding time while hiking down to Havasupai Falls.  We are really looking forward to the challenge!

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